Loving Redemption

Is a standalone book. It’s raw and gritty. Filled with roller coaster of emotions.

Samantha learned at an early age that life isn't always fair. When her mother re-marries and she acquires an older brother that takes advantage of her innocence. She learns that there is more to family than words and actions.

Oliver used to be a carefree boy until a horrifying incident takes his family away. He has learned one important lesson at his young age, 'Protect those you care about.

When he sees a scared little Samantha, Oliver’s heart was drawn to her, to help and protect her. Even though he’s several years older, he made that promise to himself to watch over her, and she never knew he was always there. He was her Protector. But he was keeping a secret from her.

When Oliver’s identity is revealed, Samantha, feeling betrayed and deceived goes into hiding, running away from the man she has loved most of her life.

Oliver has to find her before Samantha’s past catches up with her. Will she be able to survive or will her past take her away forever leaving Oliver, a shell of a man?



$10.00 each plus shipping. OR $40.00 for the complete 5 book set of the Second Chance Series 

Is the third book in the Second Chance Series

All Charlie ever wanted to do was play softball in college. She’d worked her whole life for this and finally made it. However, when Charlie refuses to party and drink with her teammates, she’s accused of not being a team player. There is no way she’d jeopardize her scholarship. Charlie will walk away from anyone who can ruin her dream.

Carson is on his own, as his parents have other priorities that don’t include him. He’s never believed in relationships—who needs the drama? He’s a manwhore through and through.

That is, until he runs into Charlie. She’s different; she’s special, and he knows it from the start. They become inseparable and spend all of their free time connected at the hip. That is, until the misunderstanding happens.

The one thing that throws a curve ball into the mix. Will Charlie’s dream slip through her fingertips, or can she catch the ball? 

Sacrifice Of Love



Then There Was You

I was in love with Drayton Clay.

Dray was my everything, the boy that grew into an amazing man.

The day that he proposed to me, was not only the most wonderful day of my life but the most tragic as well. I died that night with him.

Maison Keller walked into my life and flipped it on its axis. He didn’t teach me how to live, but he showed me that there was more to live for. Until that night, and once again, my life came crashing down around me.

Kai was there to catch me, to help me pick up the shattered pieces of my heart, and even though there were missing pieces, the heart he gave back wasn’t glass or crystal that would shatter again, it was gold, pure and strong.

Callie Bailey is in love with her high school sweetheart, Drayton Clay, quarterback for the Cougars. It wasn’t love at first sight, but their friendship grew into an invincible bond, a bond that could only be broken by one thing. The day was amazing; he had it all planned out, they were going to get married and she would have a family again. She never expected that amazing day would end like this.

Every day was the same for her, she is just existing, it had been almost two years. That is until Maison Keller walked into her office turning her world upside down. He was fun, caring and loving. He told her of his dream to build the best night club around and with her help Saber Elite was born.

Maison made Callie feel again, she once again opened her heart, but Maison had a dark secret, and before he had the chance to tell Callie about his demons, the nightmare had started.

Kai Sterling knows he shouldn’t get involved, but can’t help himself. After seeing her that first night, he knew he wanted more. There was something about the woman sitting in the mud puddle in the middle of a rain storm that pulled him to her. Callie was something he never thought he would have, but deep down always wanted.

Callie soon realized what she needed to do. Her spiritual quest showed her just how precious and fragile life is and one of these men possessed the heart of gold she had lost years ago, and this timeshe wasn’t letting go.


Stolen Innocence

$10.00 each plus shipping. OR $40.00 for the complete 5 book set of the Second Chance Series 

Anchored To Love


Never Expected Love

Is the fourth book in the Second Chance Series and the final book in the Never Expected Love Duet

The story of Richard and Nicole continues. Secretly married to Nicole, Richard and his team are called into action when Charlie is kidnapped by the same Motorcycle club that killed her fiancée. Will they be able to save her? Will they get out alive?

Then there is Sofia. What about the couple that will be adopting the baby and her two beautiful children.


Is the second book in the Second Chance Series

Mitchell grew up alone. Given away as a young child, he knew he would never be loved. Raised in the foster system and going from home to home, he had no family. That is until he joins the Marines. He finally found his family. Then it was taken away and he was alone again.

Raven grew up without a mother. She knew something happened to her, she knew her mother would never leave her. Running away from home to try and find her mother, Raven takes any job available to stay off the streets as she works her way through school. After living on the streets, she knows that love isn’t kind.

Then Mitchell, walks into her life turning it upside down. 

Never Forgotten Love


Whispers In The Wind

Liam has been so many people he can hardly remember who he really is. Having to walk away from the woman he loved to keep her safe, he wonders if he will ever be able to have a normal life. With the trial starting in a couple weeks, all he can wish for is to put his demons and secrets in the past.

When Finn’s Gram gets sick, she comes home to care for the woman that raised her as her own. But, when her Grams dies, she says goodbye to the only home she has ever felt safe in, but with a new job on the West Coast waiting for her, she packs the few things she has in Rose Red, her beloved car her Grams gave to her and says goodbye to her past ghosts. She just had to do one last thing before she left… Another blind date. ARG.

When Finn mistakes Liam for her blind date, her BFF Marley fixed her up on, she realizes her friend finally got this one right. With his dark shaggy hair, crooked smile, and his imperfect perfect teeth, he was beyond beautiful, but she was leaving town in the morning and she doesn’t do one-night stands. Although, for him, she might reconsider.

As Finn walked into the restaurant, Liam couldn’t take his eyes off her, and when she suddenly sat down in front of him he couldn’t believe his luck. They laughed and talked as if they had always known each other, but, when her phone rang, it all comes crashing down, literally.

Liam couldn’t get the mysterious woman out of his head. He knew he could never be with her, he’s leaving to testify in the morning, and God only knows if he will make it back alive.

Finding out that the man in front of her wasn’t her blind date, Finn started to question her state of mind. She really liked Tom, hell, he wasn’t Tom, he was an imposter. Why didn’t he tell her he wasn’t her date? She should have known better than to think Marley would set her up with someone like him. He was perfect. Can life get any worse? As she had sat there with the blind date imposter, it was the first time in a long time, she felt safe, unafraid, and normal.

Is my second release and the first in a crossover series Second Chance Love. Although these books are in a series, they can be read as standalones.

Beckett was abused by the one person that was supposed to love and support him. He found his solace in his first love, his Harlow girl. But when he is forced to move, he loses all contact with her.

The only thing he has to live and strive for is her. Everything he does in his life is for her. To maybe find her again one day and make her his. 





Is the third book in the Second Chance Series but also it is the first of a duet with Sacrifice to Love.

Richard Stone devoted his life to work and family. When his parents died tragically, the life he'd known came crashing down, causing him to spiral out of control. That is until the postcard came. 

Nicole House was graduating college when the unthinkable happened. Brutally attacked, her life was forever changed. Leaving her family, dream job and the only life she knew behind, she moved, hoping she could escape her attacker and her shame that fateful night left her with. 

Two people who Never Expected Love are brought together but will the demons secrets and fears of their past stop them from their future?


The Locket

Is my debut novel, and is a standalone book.

Parker had it all, a loving family, good friend and a good life. That is until her mother died and she is abused by the only family she has left. Fathers are supposed to love and protect their daughters.
Parker knows that she will never find love. She’s damaged and carries demons deep inside her.

Ian is a self-made man that has had his share of women, never even thinking of being in a relationship with one. That is until Parker falls into his life. What would you do?

What would you do if the woman that you love, the woman you just made love to, the woman that trusts no one with her secret, just told you her deepest darkest secret? A secret full of demons, a secret that would be anyone else's nightmare. One that never in a million years would you have guessed.

Now what would you do if you came face to face with that nightmare, the demons, the devil himself?

What would you do to protect the woman that you never expected to take such a hold of you heart?

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